Artmusic presents
Palace Intrusions
A year long public arts project produced by Artmusic and curated by composer and installation artist Helen Ottaway and site specific artist and performer Melanie Thompson. Conceived during a month's artists' residency at the Bishop's Palace in September 2006 (Somerset Art Week), Palace Intrusions was designed specifically for the City of Wells and the people of Mendip.
From October 2007 to September 2008 a series of art events took place in the public areas around the outside of the Bishop’s Palace, Wells. These events or ‘Benchmarks’ took many forms: musical performance, dance, sculpture, live art, sonic walks, lectures, banquets, photography and lots more...
The theme of the project was 'Inside and Outside' – where we choose to sit, what we choose to see and what goes on around us.
An ongoing exhibition at Wells Museum documented each benchmark throughout the year and the project culminated in a spectacular live finale inside the Bishop’s Palace Gardens in September 2008.

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